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Best Colleges in Dhaka+other boards based on Result of HSC 2012

SSC Result along with Dakhil and vocational result has been published on 9 May, 2013. Now it is time for admission into best colleges in HSC level in different boards.

At this point someone can get puzzled to choose the right and best HSC colleges in his/her territory. So we have listed top 20 colleges in last year HSC exam held in the year 2012.

Just have an overlook at the list of colleges and institutions and choose the right ones for yourself.

HSC Result 2012 was published on 18 July 2012.

All summations has been made to announce best colleges of different education board. As a whole Sylhet education board ranks top in HSC result.

Regarding Top College Ranking following criteria was considered:

  1. Number of Registered students (R)
  2. Number of regular examinees (RE)
  3. Number of total examinees (TE)
  4. Number of passed examinees (P)
  5. Number of candidates got GPA 5 (G5)

If any education institute has less than 40 examinees it will not be considered to include in the top list. And best colleges are given points out of 100.
HSC Top 20 in 2012 all board

Top 20 Colleges of Dhaka Education Board in HSC Result 2012

  1. Rajuk Uttara Model College
  2. Abdul Kadir Molla City College
  3. Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College
  4. Viqarunnisa Noon College
  5. Notre Dame College
  6. Dhaka Residential Model College
  7. Mirzapur Cadet College
  8. Dhaka City College
  9. National Ideal College
  10. SOS Hermann Gmeiner College
  11. Motijheel Ideal School And College
  12. Holycross College
  13. Cambrian College
  14. Shaheed Syed Nazrul College, Mymensingh
  15. Dhaka College
  16. Shaheed Birottom Lt. Anowar Girls’ College
  17. Birsrestha Noor Mohammad Public College
  18. Dhaka Commerce College
  19. Shamsul Haque Khan School And College
  20. Adamjee Cantonment College, Dhaka

Top 20 Colleges of Rajshahi Education Board in HSC Result 2012

  1. Pabna Cadet College
  2. Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College
  3. Rajshahi Cadet College
  4. Bogra Cantonment Public School College
  5. New Govt.Degree College, Rajshahi
  6. Rajshahi College
  7. Govt. A S College
  8. Quadirabad Cantonment Sapper College
  9. Sirajganj Govt. College
  10. Ullapara Science College
  11. Rajshahi Govt. City College
  12. Alhera Academy School And College
  13. Shaheed Bulbul Govt. College
  14. Nawabganj Govt. College
  15. Naogaon Govt. College
  16. Pabna Govt. Women’s College
  17. Jooypurhat Govt. College
  18. Rajshahi University School And College
  19. Armed Police Battalion Public School And College
  20. Ishurdi Women’s College

Top 20 Colleges of Comilla Education Board in HSC Result 2012

  1. Feni Girls’ Cadet College
  2. Comilla Cadet College
  3. Ispahani Public School And College
  4. Comilla Victoria Govt. College
  5. Al-Amin Academy
  6. Sonar Bangla College
  7. Hajiganj Model College
  8. Comilla Education Board Model College
  9. Ibn Taimia High School And College
  10. Kazi Mohammad Shafiqul Islam College
  11. Feni Govt. College
  12. Noakhali Govt. College
  13. Brahmanbaria Govt. College
  14. Principal Abdul Majid College
  15. Hajiganj Degree College
  16. Mosharrof Hossain Khan Choudhuri College
  17. Kalikapur Abdul Matin Khasru College
  18. Chandpur Govt. Girls’ College
  19. Comilla Commerce College
  20. Laxmipur Govt. College and Cantonment College

Top 20 Colleges of Jessore Education Board in HSC Result 2012

  1. Jhenidah Cadet College
  2. Military Collegiate College
  3. Jessore Cantonment College
  4. Govt. M M City College
  5. Khulna Govt. Girls’ College
  6. Sheikh Akij Uddin High Secondary School And College
  7. Khulna Public College
  8. Kushtia Govt. College
  9. Dr. Afil Uddin College
  10. Jessore Education Board Model School And College
  11. Chuadanga Govt. College
  12. Bihari Lal Shikder College
  13. Govt. Pioneer Girls’ College
  14. Govt. P C  College
  15. Bangladesh Navy School And College
  16. Satkhira Govt. College
  17. Cantonment Public School And College
  18. Shishu Kunjo School And College
  19. Maheshpur Govt. Degree College
  20. Khulna collegiate girls’ school and college

Top 20 Colleges of Chittagong Education Board in HSC Result 2012

  1. Faujdarhat Cadet College
  2. Chittagong College
  3. Govt. Commerce College
  4. Govt. Haji Muhammad Mohsin College
  5. Chittagong Public School And College
  6. Ispahani Public School And College
  7. Chittagong Govt. Girls’ College
  8. Bangladesh Navy School And College
  9. Cox’s Bazar Govt. College
  10. Chittagong Govt. City College
  11. Chittagont Engineering University School And College
  12. Cantonment English School And College
  13. BAF Shaheen College
  14. Agrabad Women’s College
  15. Chittagong Urea Fertilizer College
  16. Bangladesh Mohila Somiti Girls’ High School And College
  17. Bandarban Cantonment Public School And College
  18. Kapasgola City Corporation Women’s College
  19. Chittagong University College
  20. Chittagong Collegiate School And College

Top 20 Colleges of Barisal Education Board in HSC Result 2012

  1. Barisal Cadet College, Babuganj, Barisal( 90.00)
  2. Amritalal Dey College, Barisal Sadar, Barisal (75.74)
  3. Government Syed Hatem Ali College, Barisal Sadar, Barisal (66.73)
  4. Barisal Government Women’s College, Barisal Sadar(65.05)
  5. Nizamuddin College, Hosnabad,  Gournadi, Barisal (64.12)
  6. Maukaran B. L. P. Degree College, Patuakhali Sadar, Patuakhali( 63.80)
  7. Shaheed Abdur Rob Serniabat Degree College. Agailjhara,Barisal (60)
  8. Daulatkhan Abu Abdullah College, Daulatkhan, Bhola (60.32)
  9. Barisal Model School and College, Barisal Sadar, Barisal (60.24)
  10.  Perojpur Government Girls’ College, Pirojpur Sadar, Perojpur (59.55)
  11.  Galachipa Degree College, Galachipa,Patuakhali (59.54)
  12.  Charfasson College, Charfassion, Bhola (59.49)
  13.  Babugani College, Babugani, Barisal (58.48)
  14.  Alhaz B. N. Khan Degree College,Uiirpur, Barisal (58.02)
  15.  Syed Fazlul Haque Mahavidyalya, Patharghata, Barguna (57.65)
  16.  Mahilara Degree College, Gournadi, Barisal (57.63)
  17.  Dhamura Degree College,Uiirpur, Barisal (57.5)
  18.  Ghoskhati Mohavidyalaya. Naiirpur, Peroipur (57.21)
  19.  Patuakhali Government Mahila College,Patuakhali Sadar, Patuakhali (56.78)
  20.  Nazirpur Shahid Zia College Nazirpur, Perojpur (55.86)

* points are noted in brackets ()

Download Full HSC 2012 STATISTICS of Barisal Board or download from this link

Top 20 Colleges of Sylhet Education Board in HSC Result 2012

  1. Sylhet Cadet College
  2. Jalalabad Cantonment Public School And College
  3. Sylhet Govt. Women’s College
  4. Sylhet Commerce College
  5. Sylhet MC College
  6. The Buds Residential Model School And College
  7. Scholars’ Home
  8. Brindavan Govt. College
  9. Sylhet Govt. College
  10. MC Academy School And College
  11. Toiyobunnesal Khanom Academy College
  12. Jalalabad College
  13. Moulavibazar Govt. College
  14. Sunamganj Govt. College
  15. Modonmohon College
  16. Suja Memorial College
  17. Srimongol Govt. College
  18. Scholars’ Home Girls’ College
  19. Shachindralal College And
  20. Dirai College

Top 20 Colleges of Dinajpur Education Board in HSC Result 2012

  1. Rangpur Cadet College
  2. Cantonment Public School And College
  3. Syedpur Govt. Technical College
  4. Police Lines School And College
  5. Syedpur Cantonment Public School And College
  6. Dinajpur Govt. College
  7. Parbatipur Cantonment Public School And College
  8. Rangpur Govt. College
  9. Gaibandha Govt. College
  10. Syedpur Lions School And College
  11. Thakurgaon Govt. College
  12. Nilphamari Govt. College
  13. Sunflower School And College
  14. Dinajpur Govt. Women’s College
  15. Kurigram Govt. Women’s College
  16. Rangpur Collectorate School And College
  17. Lalmonirhat Majida Khatun Govt. Women’s College
  18. Lalmonirhat Alimuddin College
  19. Pirganj Govt. College
  20. Birganj College

Top 20 Colleges of Technical Education Board in HSC Result 2012

  1. Hajiganj Model College, Hazigonj, Chandpur
  2. Bagha Mohila Banijjik College And Vocational Institute, Bagha, Ralshahi
  3. Taraganj Karigari And Business Management College, TaragonJ, Rangpur
  4. S.G.C. Technical And Business Management College, Rupsha, Khulna
  5. Kaji Mohammad Shaflqul Islam College, Brahmanbaria, Brahmanbaria
  6. Fazlur Rahman Memorial College Of Technology, Burichang, Comilla
  7. Boyra Karigorl School And College, Sonatola, Bogra
  8. Atahar Uddin Howlader Technical And Business Management College, Bakergonj, Barisal
  9. Nandipur Technical And Commercial College, Netrakona, Netrakona
  10. Munshi Abdul Hakim Technical College, Katiadi, Kishoreganj
  11. Ali Nagar Technical And Commercial College, ishwargonj, Mymensingh
  12. Kamaruddin Islamia Technical College, Majhira, Bogra
  13. Basal! Emdad Hamida Degree College, Basal!, Tangail
  14. Jaldhaka Business Management Institute, Jaldhaka, Nilphamari
  15. Abu Sharaf Sadek Technical And Commerce College, Kashebpur, Jessore
  16. Nagaswri Technical And Business Management Institute, Nagashari, Kurigram
  17. Dr . Eakub Sharif Degree College, Baowfal, Patuakhali
  18. Abeda Noor Business Management Institute, Chandina, Comilla
  19. Karldaha Technical And Business Management College, Porshah, Naogaon
  20. Boyra Technical And Business Management College, Sonatola, Bogra

Top Institutions of Madrasah Education Board in HSC Result 2012

Download this document for division wise top 20 institutions under Madrashah Education Board. Click Here

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