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8th BJSC Exam Result and Viva Schedule-jscbd.org.bd

8th BJS Exam Result and Viva Date:

The result of 8th BJS Written exam has been published. Please see the image below. Viva routine also given at the same time.

Download 8th BJS Written Result and Viva Schedule
8th BJSC Exam Result and Viva Schedule-jscbd.org.bd

8th BJS Exam Circular for Assistant Judge/ Judicial Magistrate

8th BJS (Bangladesh Judicial Service) Exam Circular 2013 for Assistant Judge/Assistant Magistrate has been published by Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission.

Official Website: www.jscbd.org.bd

Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission (BJSC) has been structured under the Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission Rules, 2007. Its primary responsibilities among others are to assess the suitability of persons for appointments at the entry level of the Bangladesh Judicial Service and to conduct periodical examinations for probationer Assistant Judges/Judicial Magistrates.

Post for Assistant Judge/Assistant Magistrate: 53

Application starts- 22 May, 2013

Application deadline of 8th BJS exam 2013:  24 June, 2013 (5pm)

8th BJS Assistant Judge/Assistant Magistrate detail circular:

8th BJS Exam Circular 2013
8th BJS Exam Circular 2013
8th BJS Exam Circular 2013
8th BJS Exam Circular 2013

Exam System of 8th BJS Exam 2013:

 Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission (BJSC) Examination :

Examination Process : 

The  BJSC  Conducts  the  selection  process  for  recruitment  of  capable  & efficient  persons  for  the  Bangladesh  Judicial  Service  who  would  have  the  integrity  and  knowledge  in  laws.  Government  through  Ministry  of  Law sends requisition for recruitment depending on existing judicial vacancies at the  entry  level  of  the  services.  On  receiving  the  requisition  the  BJSC publishes  advertisement  in  the  national  dailies  inviting  applications  under Rule  5  of the  ‘বাংলাদেশ জুডিশিয়াল সার্ভিস (সার্ভিস গঠন, সার্ভিস পদে নিয়োগ এবং সাময়িক বরখাস্তকরণ, বরখাস্তকরণ ও অপসারণ ) বিধিমালা ২০০৭. The  requisite  qualification  of the  candidates  are  that  they  have  second  class  law  graduation  or  post graduation degree and the age limit not beyond 30 years.

Preliminary Examination : 

Considering the total number of applicant the Commission may go for a pre-screening  Test  called  the Preliminary  Test of 100  marks  based  on multiple choice  questions  (MCQ).  The  pass  marks  is  55%  as  per বাংলাদেশ জুডিশিয়াল সার্ভিসের প্রবেশ পদে নিয়োগ বিষয়ক আদেশ, ২০০৭ এর বিধি ৪. The marks obtained by any candidate  in  the  Preliminary  Test  are  not  added  forward.  Preliminary Examination result is published in three national dailies.

Written Examination : 

Successful candidates of the Preliminary Examination are required to sit for a comprehensive Written Examination of 1000 marks divided in 10 Papers. Duration  of  the  examination  for  each  paper  is  3  hours.  Candidates  are required to sit for a compulsory general subject of four papers consisting 400 marks  and  a  compulsory  law  subject  of  four  papers  consisting  400  marks. Candidates are also required to sit for a optional law subject of two papers of their own choice from amongst 6 papers as mentioned in the syllabus as per   বাংলাদেশ জুডিশিয়াল সার্ভিসের প্রবেশ পদে নিয়োগ বিষয়ক আদেশ, ২০০৭ এর বিধি 5. Pass mark in  written exam is 50%. Less than 30% marks obtained in any  subject  will not be added with crash the entire result of a candidate.

Evaluation of Answer Script : 

Answer script of written examination is evaluated by a double examination method.  Examiners  are  nominated  by  the  Chairman  from  the  sitting  and  retired judges of Supreme Court and also from amongst senior members of Subordinate Judiciary and university teachers. When the difference between the 1 st  and 2 nd  examiner is 20 marks or above the answer sheet is then sent to a  3 rd   examiner for  evaluation. Examiners  are  instructed  for  not putting any marks or sign on the answer script. They are given separate mark sheet for evaluation purpose. The average mark of the 1 st  & 2 nd  examiner is considered as the actual mark of an individual candidate. In case of 3 rd  examination the
average number of the two nearest number is considered as the actual mark obtained.

Scrutiny : 

All the mark sheets of the examiners are scrutinized for any miscalculation or non- marking by the Chairman nominated Scrutinizers. According to the report of scrutinizers regarding any flaws necessary corrections are made in the mark sheets.
 Tabulation & Publication of the Written Examination Result :   

For  the  purpose  of  preparing  the  result  tabulators  nominated  by  the Chairman first write down the marks of each code numbered answer sheet in a  detailed  Average  Sheet  for  calculating  the  average  number.  Then  the decoding is  done  and each  candidates  name  &  roll  numbers are  written  on the  tabulation  sheet  along  with  their  marks  obtained.  The  marks  written  in the  tabulation  sheet  are  taken  from  the  average  sheet.  The  marks  are aggregated and cross-cheeked by another group of tabulators nominated by the  Chairman.  All  these  are  done  for  maintaining  highest  accuracy  in preparing  the  result.  Then  candidates  name  who  qualifies  in  the  written examination are published in the daily newspapers and they are called for a viva-voce examination.

Viva-voce Examination : 

Candidates qualified in the written examination appear before the Interview Board comprising of 5/6 Members headed by a Chairman nominated by the Commission.  The  Commission  may  also  constitute  more  than  one  Board depending  on  the  number  of  candidates.  The  mark  of  the  viva-voce  test  is 100  and a  candidate  securing  minimum 50% marks  will  be  added  with the marks  secured  by  him  in  the  Written  Test  as  per  [বাংলাদেশ জুডিশিয়াল সার্ভিসের প্রবেশ পদে নিয়োগ বিষয়ক আদেশ, ২০০৭ এর বিধি  7].  Each  candidate’s  legal
knowledge, presentation, confidence level, personality, handwriting, general knowledge etc. are the matters to be considered by the Board.

 Preparation of the Final Result :   

Each candidate’s viva-voce number is added in the tabulation sheet and the total  numbers  are  aggregated  for  preparing  the  Merit  List  according  to  the highest  mark  obtained.  Candidates  must  pass  both  written  and  viva-voce examination separately.

Medical Test : 

Successful  candidates’  physical  ability  are  tested  by  a  Medical  Board constituted by the Ministry of Health.

Recommendation for Appointment :    

On the basis of the vacant posts for which the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary   Affairs   sent   the   requisition,   the   names   of   successful candidates  from  the  top  of  the  merit-list  are  recommended  for  their appointment to be made by the Hon’ble President.

8th BJS Initial/Primary Exam 2013 Date, seat plan, preliminary exam result, written exam date , written exam result and viva date will be posted here as soon as it is published by www.jscbd.org.bd

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