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JNU D Unit Seat Plan jnu.ac.bd

JNU D Unit Seat Plan

Seat plan for the admission test of DUnit (Faculty of Social Science) has been published.

It is also available on the official website of Jagannath University. (www.jnu.ac.bd)

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JnU D Unit Admission Test will be held on 26 September 2014 at 3.00 PM
JNU D Unit Seat Plan jnu.ac.bd

Jagannath University A Unit Admission Test will be held on 12 September 2014, Friday at 3.00 PM.

Application can be done from 18 August 2014 (12.00 PM) to 27 August 2014 (12.00 PM) by Teletalk SMS.


Download Jagannath University Admission Notice

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View Jagannath University Admission Prospectus  in Bangla

Exam Schedule:

  • C Unit: 05 September 2014, Friday (3.00 PM-4.30 PM)
  • A Unit: 12 September 2014, Friday (3.00 PM-4.30 PM)
  • E Unit: 13 September 2014, Friday (3.00 PM-4.30 PM)
  • B Unit: 19 September 2014, Friday (3.00 PM-4.30 PM)
  • D Unit: 26 September 2014, Friday (3.00 PM-4.30 PM)


Subjects under A Unit:

  • Physics- 90,
  • Chemistry-70,
  • Mathematics- 90,
  • Statistics- 80,
  • Zoology- 80,
  • Botany-80,
  • Geography and Environmental Science-100
  • Psychology-100
  • Computer Science and Engineering- 40
  • Microbiology- 35
  • Pharmacy- 25
  • Total: 790 seats

Subjects under B Unit:

  • Bangla-100
  • English-110
  • History-100
  • Islamic History and Culture-100
  • Islamic Studies- 100
  • Philosophy-100
  • Law-100
  • Total: 710 seats

Subjects under C Unit:

  • Accounting and Information Systems- 200
  • Management Studies- 200
  • Marketing-110
  • Finance- 110
  • Total: 620 seats

Subjects under D Unit:

  • Economics- 90
  • Political Science- 90
  • Social Science- 90
  • Social Works-80
  • Anthropology- 60
  • Mass communication and Journalism- 60
  • Public Administration- 70
  • Total: 540 seats

Subjects under D Unit:

  • Drama and Music- 60 (Drama-30, Music- 30),
  • Fine Arts and Graphics- 40
  • Total: 100 seats

Application Fee: 350/- (Including Teletalk Service Charge)

Eligibility for Application:

  • Those who have passed SSC or equivalent exam in 2011/2012 and HSC or equivalent exam in 2013/2014 they are eligible for apply.
  • Applicants should have minimum total GPA 7.50 (with 4th subject) from Science, Commerce, Vocational, Diploma-in-Business Studies, Diploma-in-Commerce & Diploma-in-Business Management Groups and total GPA 7.00 from other Groups in SSC and HSC.
  • Applicants must have minimum GPA 3.00 (with 4th subject) in each of SSC and HSC.
  • Applicants who passed GCE A-level in 2013 or 2014 can apply. One has to be passed minimum 5 subjects and C grade in 3 subjects in O-level exam and minimum C grade in 2 subjects in A-level exam.

How to apply:

  • First SMS: JNU<space>First three letters of the educational board of their HSC<space>HSC roll number< space>passing year<space> A send the message to 16222.
    Example: JNU DHA 123456 2014 DHA 123456 2012 A
  • Applicants for quota: If anyone has quota he/she has to send sms in the following manner
    Example: JNU DHA 123456 2014 DHA 123456 2012 A FFQ
    Here FFQ implies Freedom fighter quota. Tribal Quota=TQ, Ward Quota=WQ
  • The first three letter of Board name will write for the Barisal=BAR, Chittagong=CHI), Comilla=COM, Dhaka=DHA, Dinajpur=DIN, Jessore=JES, Madrasah=MAD, Rajshahi=RAJ, Sylhet=SYL, Vocational =VOC, Diploma in Business Studies=DIS, Diploma in Commerce=DIC, Diploma in Business Management=HBM.
  • If the information is correct, a confirmation SMS will be sent with the name of applicant, admission fee and a valid pin number. To complete the application process, one needs to send another SMS to 16222 typing ‘JNU’ followed by space, yes, space, and contact number.
    Example: JNU YES 654321 01XXXXXXXXX
  • For ‘O’ / ‘A’ level  applicants: Board name will be GCE in all cases.
    Example: JNU GCE 123456 2013 A
    Here, 123456 in place of the applicant’s respective candidate number will mount.
  • Open University or from abroad HSC/equivalent examination candidates will write OTH in the place of Board Name. Example: JNU OTH 123456 2014 A

JnU Admit Card

JnU Seat Plan:

JnU Admission Test Result:

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