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Govt Mohsin College Ctg HSC Admission Notice+Result 2013-14

Govt. Hazi Mohammad Mohsin College, Chittagong HSC Admission 2013-14

Medium: Bengali medium

Govt Hazi Mohammad Mohsin College Chittagong is one of the best colleges for HSC admission always. It has a great contribution to our country.

The admission procedure of Govt Mohsin College Ctg in class eleven starts from 18 May 2013.

Last date of application: 06 June 2013

Eligibility to apply for Govt Mohsin College Ctg  HSC Admission:

  • Applicants who passed SSC in the year 2011, 2012 and 2013 can apply.
  • Minimum GPA: Science: 5.00, Humanities: 3.50 and Business Studies: 4.50.
  • Students passed from Science group can apply for Humanities or Business Studies.
  • Students passed from Humanities can apply for Commerce and Humanities group.
  • Students passed from Business studies can apply for Humanities and Business studies group.

Available seats for HSC Admission:

  • Science: 450+ 75 if extension is made.
  • Business studies: 450+ 75 if extension is made.
  • Humanities: 450



See HSC Admission Rules and policy here.

Official Website: http://www.mohsincollege.gov.bd/

EIIN No. of College: 104527

Minimum Requirements to apply for College Admission:

Please see the image below or download the circular for more info.

How to Apply for College admission by sms?

Yes application is totally online by teletalk sms. Just you have to know the EIIN of the college.

Follow the Following Procedure to apply for College HSC Admission:

Go to message option:

CAD<space> EIIN of Desired College<space>First letter of Desired group (Science-S, Humanities-H, Commerce-B)<space> First 3 letter of the board you passed from<space>SSC Exam Roll<space>Year of Passing of SSC/Equivalent<space>For shift N<space>For bengali medium B <space>For english version E<space>Name of Quota

and send the message to 16222.

For Quota:

For offspring of Freedom Fighters: FQ,

For offspring of Officers, Employees under education ministry, teacher of that very institutions: EQ,


কোনও শিক্ষার্থীর একাধিক কোটায় আবেদন করার যোগ্যতা থাকলে কমা (,) দিয়ে একাধিক কোটা উল্লেখ করতে হবে। যেমন কোনও শিক্ষার্থী মুক্তিযোদ্ধা এবং কলেজের বিশেষ কোটায় আবেদন করার যোগ্য হলে FQ, SQ লিখতে হবে। কোনও কোটায় না থাকলে কিছু লেখার দরকার নাই।

Example: CAD 104527 S CHI XXXXXX 2013 N B FQ

CAD 104527 S CHI XXXXXX 2013 D B FQ

Here 104527 = EIIN No. of desired college ( for Mohsin College-104527)

S = S for Science, B for Business studies/commerce, H for Humanities

CHI= First 3 letters of Board you passed SSC/Equivalent from

XXXXXX = SSC Roll no. of ssc candidates

2013 = Passing year of SSC

N = There is no shift, so N

B = B for Bengali medium, E for English Version

FQ = Freedom fighter quota

EQ= Ministry of Education quota

* ফিরতি SMS এ আবেদনকারীর নাম, কলেজের EIIN ও নাম, গ্রুপের নাম এবং শিফট সহ ফি বাবদ কত টাকা কেটে নেওয়া হবে তা জানিয়ে একটি PIN Code প্রদান করা হবে। আবেদনে সম্মত থাকলে Message অপশনে গিয়ে CAD<space>Yes<space>PIN Code<space>Contact Number (নিজের ব্যবহৃত যে কোন মোবাইল নম্বর) লিখে 16222 নম্বরে Send করতে হবে।

Govt Mohsin College Ctg HSC Admission Result 2013:

The HSC admission result of all colleges will be published on 16 June 2013 after 5.00 PM

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